Climbing Wall Activities

  • Boulder - No ropes, no gear. Just you and the wall. One of the simplest forms of climbing, yet a new way to challenge yourself. You'll be surprised to see how much you can push yourself while bouldering and working on our bouldering problems. 
  • Top Rope - You, the wall, your auto-belay, and your harness. There is an awesome feeling you get once you've conquered a wall and a route. In this form of climbing, you can rent equipment from our climbing wall attendant at court 7 during scheduled hours and try a different discipline of climbing. While bouldering is a bit more strength intensive, Top Rope climbing is more endurance and will. You can climb to the top of our 32' wall one step at a time. Be sure to stop by and become qualified with our staff.  
  • Hangboard - A practice tool for you to hone your strength. Climbing stresses our fingers, so please allow our staff to help guide you on using the hangboard and pushing your skills.
  • Ice Climb (Gym) - The mechanics for Ice Climbing and Rock Climbing can be surprisingly similar. Sure, the environment is different, but the thrill is much the same. At our wall, you can use our gear to help you explore what it would feel like to be ice climbing. The Climbing Wall staff and will point you in the right direction.    
  • Lead Climbing -The discipline that follows Top Roping. Rather than having the rope above you at all times, this discipline relies on you clipping your rope as you go. You get to use our ropes and gear while you work on perfecting your skills and maybe transition to the outdoors. 

Today's Hours

SRC Climbing Wall (Bouldering)

5:30 AM - 9:00 PM

Today's Hours

SRC Climbing Wall (Ropes)

3:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Get on the top ropes

We can help you get your belay card to get the most out the wall.

Set the next route

You can help set the next course for your fellow climbers.

All climbers must follow current policies.

We have just a few rules to keep everyone safe and happy. 

Climbing Wall Programs

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