Pay Club Dues

Club members can now pay semester or annual dues online by logging into Do Sports Easy or (DSE). A member must join a club in DSE and complete all required paperwork in order to have access to pay club dues. See instructions for paying dues below:

  1. Go to:
  2. In the list of clubs, go to the club you are registered for and select the "registration" button.
  3. Login using your university account login.
  4. Select the payments tab along the top of your sport club profile. 
  5. In the club fee column, select pay next to the club due that is listed. 
  6. Add a credit debit card for the payment method and click pay. 
  7. You will be sent a receipt and see that you have paid on your profile when the payment is complete. 

  • Sports Club Fee

    Each club member is required to pay the $60 Sport Club Member fee ($30 per semester). 

    The sport club fee covers administration costs like access to UREC facilities & meeting spaces, access to UREC equipment & amenities, administrative support from student affairs marketing staff and UREC Staff, and access to an athletic trainer. 

    Some clubs build this cost into their overall club dues for the year or request you pay it as a separate due in your DSE profile.