Welcome!  Intramural sports are played “within the walls” of the university, amongst the community of WSU.  They provide a fun environment of playing sports you love with friends, in exchange for a small time commitment (1-2 hours per week).

You can sign up to play in any sport league or one-day event throughout the semester. You choose the day and time that would work best for you, and sign up yourself (or as a team) to play during that time each week.

We have 2 sessions each semester that offer a variety of sport leagues and events.  An Intramural Sports Pass costs just $31.00 for the semester ($25 in summer!), which allows you to play in as many leagues and events as you would like for both sessions. We also offer a Yearly pass for $60.00 which gives you year round Intramural access.

You can find Intramural passes on the Memberships Page. You must have a IM Pass Membership purchased to join a sport.

Scroll down to see all of our league sports and FREE event offerings!

How to Sign Up for Intramurals


Registration: September 5-7 | Play Begins: September 10

10v10 Softball 
5v5 Futsal 
4v4 Sand Volleyball
7v7 Elite Flag Football
3v3 Outdoor Basketball
2v2 Pickleball


Registration: October 16-18 | Play Begins: October 22

Settlers of Catan
5v5 Basketball
4v4 Indoor Volleyball
9v9 Soccer
2v2 Pickleball


Registration Opens September 5

IM Tennis Tournament 
Golf Scramble**
Table Tennis Tournament
Cribbage Tournament
Chess Tournament

**Golf will have $35 fee


Choosing the Right League

Our sport offerings have leagues for all!! Choose the right fit for you with our options below:

Elite League.  You are someone looking to compete! This is the highest competition level that we offer, and typically only provided with our more popular sports.  There is an additional $40 team fee to play which gets you more games and some extra fun! Depending on the league, Elite provides more officials on games, up-to-date player and team statistics to view your progress throughout the season, and more. You will play in 4 weeks of pool play, and 2 weeks of playoffs for the potential to win an Intramural Championship T-Shirt.  All divisions within Elite are considered Open (see below). 

A League. You are someone who has played the sport before and are looking to compete.  When Elite League is not offered, this is typically the highest level of competition.  You will play in 4 weeks of pool play, and 2 weeks of playoffs for the potential to win an Intramural Championship T-Shirt.

B League. You feel comfortable playing the sport, and you are looking just to play some friendly games. You will play 6 weeks of league games, with no playoffs (or T-Shirt) at the end.

C League. You want to get more comfortable, or are new to the sport.  The first 2 weeks of play will be all about learning the sports and rules, and the last 4 weeks of play will be friendly games among those you have met within the league.

What is the difference between all the divisions?

Co-ed. The Co-ed division is open to individuals who identify as male or female.  Each sport requires its own male-to-female ratio.  Please check each league to see how many men and women are needed to play a game.  Co-ed leagues often have modified rules compared to our other leagues.

Open. The open division is open to all people regardless of their gender identity and is played without any gender-specific rules or ratios.

Women’s. The Women’s division is open to individuals who identify as women. 

*All participants must also meet all other intramural eligibility requirements.